The Beach Lodge is located on the beach directly in front of what is arguably the most consistent beach break in Nicaragua. We are situated in the center of Popoyo surf area within easy walking distance of seven other breaks.

The Popoyo area virtually has waves 12 months a year. January, February, and March are consistently head high and over, with stronger offshore winds. It is advised to bring a spring suit or top during these months.

April through September, the larger southerly swells come through and the winds die down to make smoother conditions all day long. There are offshore winds just about every day all day except for the month of October. October 09 and 10 were exceptions with offshores most of the month. October can be onshore and rainy but not set in concrete.

November and December are pleasant months in Nicaragua with everything lush and green. With light offshore winds, swells can be from head high to triple overhead.

The air temperature is warm year round, making for a tropical adventure in an endless summer.

Not traveling with a board? No worries. Rent a board from us.

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